Polus- Best Play To Earn Game

Polus- Best Play To Earn Game

Welcome to the year 2444!

After so many years of living on planet Earth, humanity faced the predicted overpopulation and was forced to leave its home. Thanks to the efforts of thousands of the greatest minds, the Polus megacorporation, a leader in developing intergalactic transportation systems, has discovered a whole cluster of galaxies destined to become a new home for humanity.

The best pilots of the galaxy were sent to explore the cluster. Exclusively for this event, Polus Corporation has brought to life its classified developments of super-innovative spacecraft.

What awaits us next? Will we be able to conquer new horizons? Or will we turn our new home into an epic battlefield where only the strongest will survive?

Only we can continue this story. Join the Polus universe research community and show everyone what you are capable of!

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Polus- Best Play To Earn Game

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